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waster of Medicine
小說推薦waster of Medicine
Ye Tao returned to his home with Oloy. There are still many things to be dealt with here, including the dragon and Phoenix ring, which originally belongs to the European family. By coincidence, Ye Tao found it. He now intends to return the dragon and Phoenix ring to the European family. Anyway, the dragon and Phoenix ring is of no use to Ye Tao now.
“Welcome Emperor Ye Tao!” All the men, women and children of the European family welcomed each other.
They have also heard a little about what happened in Kyoto before. After all, the Europeans also have a century-old foundation, and these measures are still available.
“Let’s get rid of these rules.” Ye Tao looked at them in silence.
Then he glanced at Oloy next to him, and always felt that there was an indescribable strange feeling in front of him that they had not treated themselves in the way they were now, and Ye Tao could feel some embarras**ent standing in them.
仙本小人 荒野獵人
“I’m here in the hope that such a thing will be returned to the European family.” Ye Tao glanced at the Oloi next to him and asked for his opinions. In fact, Ye Tao and Oloi had already discussed it before, and the dragon and Phoenix ring was not of great help to Ye Tao.
And it is itself something that belongs to the European family, and even if it is returned to them, there is no other problem.
Ye Tao rang his finger, and the dragon and Phoenix ring appeared in front of everyone with a strange light. At that moment, he could feel the throbbing around him.
“Ye Tao and I have other plans, too.”
Oloy looked up and down the family and told them what he intended to do, and Oloi seemed to have been running around for the family since those things had happened.
Originally showing the decadent trend of the European family, but also in the efforts of Oloy has changed.
Now that things have changed, Oloy wants to return it to others. Oloy and Ye Tao have other plans, and naturally they will be reluctant to give up, but now the crisis facing the Europeans has disappeared, although it will not happen as it did five years ago.
“are you sure?” Oloy’s brother seemed a little surprised, after all, the way Oloy had always looked like a strong woman, but now suddenly left these things to others.
Ye Tao **iled and hugged Oloi in his arms and looked at the crowd in front of him. “because we have decided to go back, and when we take care of things here, we will find a place where no one can live a pleasant life.”
“Today I also hope to return the dragon and Phoenix ring to the European family, in addition, there are some other things to deal with.” Oloy looked at his brother with a **ile.
It was surprising that she had such a plan, but in fact Oloy had made such a decision that had been carefully considered. The European family had faced all kinds of problems before, but they had naturally no longer had those crises, so Oloy wanted to do what he wanted to do.
In addition, Ye Tao mentioned a big thing to Oloy before.
After working so long outside, the family has always been the biggest destination.
Ye Tao did talk to Oloy about her children, and any woman would have ideas in her heart when she heard them.
Ye Tao and Oloi are not in a hurry to leave the European family, in the European family to deal with a series of things, completely handed over the real power to Oloy’s brother.
A few days later Ye Tao came to another place. In addition to the European family, there were other things that Ye Tao needed to command.
我家男神是學霸 超丶丫頭
Ye Tao, as the former god of war, is now the body of the emperor, but Ye Tao’s strength does not mean that all these things will become peaceful, in fact, there will always be other problems.
In order to prevent those things, Ye Tao specially charged his men.
Including Tang Jun, Ye Tao had an idea, that is, to merge all the forces of other counties, and no longer fight on their own as before, which has many advantages.
But this has always been an idea that exists in the concept, and now it can be completely implemented.
After ordering these things, Ye Tao felt relaxed with all his heart and soul.
There are others to solve those things, there is no need for Ye Tao to work on those things, Ye Tao and Oloy two people hand in hand to find a suitable place for seclusion.
Soon there was an idea, and in a deep mountain, Ye Tao built a cabin without much effort. It was much more comfortable to live here, and there was no need for a headache because of those deceitful things.
Country life in Ye Tao’s mind seems extremely comfortable and comfortable.
This is very much the same as the scene he originally conceived.
“now that you don’t need to be busy with those things in Europe, do you feel relaxed, too?” Oloi and Ye Tao sat at the door of the cabin.
The peach blossoms in front of them are lush, and just watching these scenes is much more comfortable.
These are all specially planted by Ye Tao for Oloi.
妾美不及妻 簡紅裝
There is also a piece of arable land in front of the cabin, where you enjoy the pleasant life of men and women every day, without having to work because of anything else.
A year later, the child’s cry came from in the room.
“it’s no problem for the two of us to live in this place. If you let your children stay with us in this mountain forest, you can let you, a rude man, educate your children!”
Oloi held the child in his hand, blaming Ye Tao.
Ye Tao scratched his head and said, “that’s not what you told me. Enjoy the comfortable life of men and women weaving.” Ye Tao just wants to express his heart bitter, originally everything seems very comfortable, but this kind of beautiful life only exists before the child is born.
After the birth of the child, Ye Tao needs to take into account a lot of things.
“our children are so young that we must consider these things, but you really want our children to be here with us!” Oloy looked at Ye Tao angrily, and the quarrel between the two made the child cry.
Ye Tao **iled awkwardly. “then let’s go back.”
Ye Tao, who has been hidden for a year. Originally disappeared in front of everyone, even when others almost forgot Ye Tao, and that powerful force once again appeared in Kyoto, the powerful force attracted the attention of many people, but also let those who were confused suddenly remember the war that took place over Kyoto a year ago, until now there is still a flame burning in the propolis of Kyoto.
At the same time, he is also telling the major families in Kyoto that Ye Tao’s youngest emperor has returned to Kyoto!